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    Paediatric Obesity should not be misjudged with healthiness

    You know what moms suffer the most with the children? – Their food habits and whimsical schedule of having the main course of meal during and after their academic timetable. These might lead to Food intolerance, Obesity, Hesitant Growth, Coeliac disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure,......

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    Higher academic achievement demands efficient brain and vast homework

    Success always looks and feels great. But the path to success has never been a cakewalk. It requires tremendous effort and capacity of learning with a positive learning strategy. A person only can be super successful on a specific field when he acquires the optimum......

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    Be the hare in finishing your syllabus even in the holidays

      Holiday sessions are eternally packed with pre-scheduled vacations and fun-stuffs. Holiday is season of amusement parks, candies, ice-creams, bubbles, colours, fairy tales and running under the sun- an interval which is full of adventures and almost bidding good bye to all studies. Every childhood......

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    A boundless battle between the boards- CBSE vs. ICSE

    There is a public opinion created poles between The Central Board of Secondary Education for public and private schools, under the union Govt. of India and The Indian certificate of Secondary Education in an examination conducted by the Council for Indian by the School Certificate......

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    Why parents are choosing private schools for their little one’s admission purpose?

    One chooses private schooling for his children considering higher academic standard. Let’s answer why they are right in this particular section. Self-governing schools do set their academic on a higher level to prepare students for the biggest platform. Children with learning difficulties get special attention......

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    Suit Up Kid. We Need You!’ – A Story About Our School

    SGS International School is a proposed CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) based curriculum co-educational English medium school located in Baruipur. We have our classes from pre nursery to VII standard. Knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and sense of responsibility are five basic principles of our......

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    Using Technology to Teach Math in the Elementary Classroom -Kindle your class using tech math

    Mathematics is considered as the queen of all sciences. But across the globe most of the students find mathematics as one of the toughest subjects than the rest of the syllabus. This is due to its not so easy access and even complex teaching procedure.......

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    Welcome to e-class- a perfect combo of technology and education

    How would be a future classroom look like? What if there will be a crying scarcity of papers? Have you ever had a moment to think about that heavy weighted bag he carries from home to school and so? Why in spite of expensive schooling......

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    A new age approach of teaching

    Responsive classroom is more than a morning meeting; it’s a new age philosophy of teaching. It is the modern move of building strong teacher-student relationship within the classroom, within the school. This is the best way of engaging a student inside the classroom with various......

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    Effects of positive parenting on child’s personality development

    How would you react when your kid nags for an ice-cream or some unimportant element like a bay-blade, reads more comic-books than preset syllabus, recalls scene by scene of ‘Chota Bheem’ but fumbles on formulas of math? Do you ignore? Do you abuse? Do you......