SGS International School | Paediatric Obesity should not be misjudged with healthiness
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Paediatric Obesity should not be misjudged with healthiness

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You know what moms suffer the most with the children? – Their food habits and whimsical schedule of having the main course of meal during and after their academic timetable. These might lead to Food intolerance, Obesity, Hesitant Growth, Coeliac disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and many more grave health problems. When we hear the word ‘obesity’ we think of overweight a person which is clinically defined as excess body fat. There is no compromise on a finish point for surplus fatness in children and adolescents.

Types of obesity: The most universal cause of childhood obesity is genetic factor. Genes and hormones have a major role in weight gain and body fat distribution. Lack of physical activities is another fact behind putting on weight. Physical activities like outdoor games, exercise, swimming etc have very significant role in a child’s proper growth and regulating his BMR. Unhealthy eating patterns- food like chips, sandwich, burger, pizza, ice cream , cold drinks and of course child’s most favourite chocolate if these foodstuffs are part of your child’s daily leisure time, then he will turn from a fit to fat one. But the most complicated among these categories is a combined obesity caused by these three alarming factors. A child’s total activity level determines his weight gain and suitable body structure.
Symptoms of diseases caused by obesity: On an initial stage it starts with developing cellulite and extra pounds all over the body. Tiredness takes over activeness and spontaneity. Entire childhood freezes upon idleness and damaging habits. Body stars consuming more than burning fat. Many psychological factors might develop in long run of obesity like- Low self esteem, guilt, emotional stress, trauma etc.These psychological issues act as the ultimate hindrance for your child’s personality development Severe health risks like breathing trouble, diabetes, gallbladder malfunction, joint problems are common symptoms of being obese.

Treatment and prevention: Bringing change in your lifestyle is the best preventive shield against obesity. Obesity can be managed and treated as well. For controlling body fat of your child push him towards more physical activities on daily basis. Serve him less oily food, preferably food which is full of protein and minerals but the food should never be under nutrient as low on calories. For this measurement of food value in your child’s daily regime consulting a professional dietician is always helpful. Only then can give you the best diet chart for your child which will help him to reduce or control body weight through a accurate healthy course. Behavioural therapy is also found useful to understand the reasons for gluttonising and can teach to have a control on it.

Build an environment inside your home which will restrict the child’s unwholesome intake. Do not go after his life for being overweight. It might be depressive for him. Engage him with regular practice like swimming, jogging, skipping which will improve his breathing issues and blood circulation. It is always mistaken that only over eating causes obesity, an empty stomach and gap period between the meals might also result the same. A child is ignorant to these distressing facts, but as parent you can’t be the same reluctant. End of the day child’s health determines his future.

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