SGS International School | Be the hare in finishing your syllabus even in the holidays
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Be the hare in finishing your syllabus even in the holidays



Holiday sessions are eternally packed with pre-scheduled vacations and fun-stuffs. Holiday is season of amusement parks, candies, ice-creams, bubbles, colours, fairy tales and running under the sun- an interval which is full of adventures and almost bidding good bye to all studies. Every childhood demands a carefree flight in the world of cartoons and supernatural heroes. But today we have reached in a period of time where without competition a dot can’t be made perfect. Kids have been made engaged with lot of extracurricular activities out of their academic session. “After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting you, as to see all the other fellows’ busy working.”Kenneth Graham.’’ In these days there has been an identical development in the entire academic system. Exam time has been fixed exactly after the holiday session. Therefore holidays have to take inside studies inside the sphere of merriment. Let’s set the study content a happy project and a well-organized event for this period. Here we shall discuss about the process of studying in holidays-

Allot studies into smaller blocks so that it could be finished before the vacations. Since holiday session is full of pre organized events, therefore first of all start marking on calendar the dates of your pre-planned events, now add on the ‘to do list’ before the exam time. Now you will get the clear idea of the two distinguished charts, along with these you will notice the shortage of time for your making up list. Therefore you have to jump on those studies to finish them before the school reopens. Basically the bottom line is you have to keep on studying simultaneously with your fun-filled gala time. Start studying before the vacation starts, and then there will be no place for attempting to finish them before the exams. Set the target of completing the big projects first, once those are done then the rest of time would be enough for focusing on small projects.

Last but not on the list- practise early to bed and early to rise from your beginning days of life. Practice makes man perfect. Healthy food habit and sound sleep trigger the productivity. With these basic habits you can live a stress-free life and enjoy your holidays to the lees.

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