SGS International School | A boundless battle between the boards- CBSE vs. ICSE
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A boundless battle between the boards- CBSE vs. ICSE


There is a public opinion created poles between The Central Board of Secondary Education for public and private schools, under the union Govt. of India and The Indian certificate of Secondary Education in an examination conducted by the Council for Indian by the School Certificate Examinations, a private, non-governmental board of school education in India for 10th std. The common question which will definitely strike with the course of discussion is how does one differ from the other? The basic difference rests in their proposed academic syllabus. Many private and Govt. schools are linked with the both CBSE and ICSE board.

Both CBSE and ICSE board come with English medium version academic formation but only CBSE has explicitly Hindi language reading. CBSE syllabus is well structured, well controlled and as well. CBSE syllabus is object oriented. Thus CBSE students get benefited in competitive exams in future; because, the preliminary syllabus of all competitive exam matches with the CBSE curriculum. Vast exams like PMT, IIT-JEE syllabus are based on CBSE program of study. For most of the private schools seek CBSE affiliation for its exam-friendly approach. The assent by the central Govt. of India makes CBSE board schools much rational. CBSE syllabus is greatly methodical and focused in its loom; the entire syllabus is distributed into shorter units. CBSE syllabus enrolls extracurricular activities which gets the direct acknowledgement from the state and national level. CBSE is also planning to get some international syllabus to set the path of the students towards a global threshold. Thus we can say that this board has a little inclination over science and mathematics. Every state has their board under CBSE academic.

ICSE board serves the question sheet for class 10 and 12, which is rather specific, subject leaning; whereas CBSE question papers have varied types of subjects in its course which demands a lot of devotion. ICSE study material is provided with much simple language which leads a clear conceptual formation of studies among the students. Students score maximum marks in ICSE exam as the study material comes along with an attractive visual/graphical element supporting the texts which eases the perception clear. Students can prop up their answers with these graphics as well. ICSE syllabus is subjective students take longer time to answer their papers. According to the reports The Council for School Certificate will be adding few new subjects into their syllabus of std. 10, 11 and 12. The new projects will be more about learning spoken English and listening. Another major change in the academic regime is pupils who fail in the second language in 10th, will the barred from appearing in the auxiliary papers. This change came in charge in 2013. The board in scheduling their board exam registration service online in the recent future.

Moreover, it has been always jittery for the parents to opt out the correct board for the child’s academic growth and they opine and suggest according to their personal preference. It’s not about the board; the quality remains dormant inside the child how well he can adapt the educational system to earn a profound knowledge in every possible fields for his coming days.

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