SGS International School | Using Technology to Teach Math in the Elementary Classroom -Kindle your class using tech math
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Using Technology to Teach Math in the Elementary Classroom -Kindle your class using tech math


Mathematics is considered as the queen of all sciences. But across the globe most of the students find mathematics as one of the toughest subjects than the rest of the syllabus. This is due to its not so easy access and even complex teaching procedure. Mathematics is subject, demands an upper level concentration and a right perceptive of the complete process from starting to end. For a private tutor it’s comparatively easier to teach the method of a particular sum to a single student or a group of students. Besides an exact figure might have different ways to get it accomplished. In that case in a school a class contains on an average 30-40 pupil. The real crisis for a mathematics teacher is to make students understand the route to crack the equation within limited time period. When students are unable to understand a single process in its first attempt, a teacher has to be repetitive with the same method for twice, thrice or even more times which consumes bigger time unit and greater energy. At the same time the other possible techniques by which the same calculation might get resolved are completely left out. Thus students are getting underprivileged from advanced method of teaching.
How about solving it technically? Tech-math!! Sounds Cool?
Technology has become overpowering in our daily lives. We have seen schools, classrooms and entire process of learning has been changing rapidly in its course. Then why should mathematics remain a slow runner? Tech-math is a revolutionary invention in academic sphere. It has not only minimized manual effort, but also visually enriched the compound formulas much blatant. A visually smart object can pull much interest upwards. Research says, a multicolored formula leaves much longer consciousness on the learner’s mind. Thus maths can also be a visual treat which makes the learning procedure much accessible in no times. Not only visible, technology rules inside our ears too. It’s just like the cherry on the top if formulas bop on current chartbusters? In this way kids can get hold on intricate formulas without difficulty. A tech class has positive impact on teaching system. If an entire class is connected through a mother digi-board and every student is equipped with synchronized tabs or other displayable gadgets then the teacher might get an individual access to everyone’s level of troubles.

For their project purpose it’s favorable to have internet connection at home. In modern times it can be effortlessly affirmed that internet has the answer to every small and big queries. Problems related to mathematics are not beyond the arena of web. Video blogs, tech blogs, several online websites are always there to assist students on any solution then and there. Thus students have developed into tech savvy and automated dealing with maths issues. Therefore a problem has become quite unproblematic to the new age kids and math classroom has turned out to be another fun-filled Cartoon channel.

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