SGS International School | A new age approach of teaching
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A new age approach of teaching

approach of teaching

Responsive classroom is more than a morning meeting; it’s a new age philosophy of teaching. It is the modern move of building strong teacher-student relationship within the classroom, within the school. This is the best way of engaging a student inside the classroom with various cool alluring methods, to make them more duty-bound towards given tasks. To become academically successful kids have to understand their social importance as well. The schools having responsive classrooms are ahead of time; their students are always found energized, devoted and caring.

Let’s take a tour around the characteristics of a responsive classroom.

Healthy bonding between teacher and students

Teachers can be the best friends. If kid starts thinking like this way it raises his attendance and attentiveness in the class. If a learning process is fun-filled, it leaves a positive vibe on the child’s personality. A holy- jolly child is always full of zest. Simultaneously a happy go lucky teacher can also be a sunny person to give the greatest important lesson playfully. It perks up the method of teaching. Teachers are the best person after parents to help to get a child know about his community about his culture. They give the best lesson of charity and discipline. A well-mannered or a well- behaved kid shines throughout his life.

A gladsome classroom

Classroom is a place where the student spends his most of the time in a day. A dull, solely theory-oriented classroom might cause monotony. Here comes the essentiality of a responsive classroom. Internal atmosphere of a class makes a straight-lined connection with the child psychology. It’s seen often that the kid is doing hanky-panky before going to school; he makes the safest excuse in world of feeling unwell. As a parent you have to realize the reason behind his tantrums. Is it because he wants to play at home? Well not always, it can be the classroom which fails to interest him. The basic success of a responsive classroom is to draw curiosity of students with a fun-time approach of wisdom.
Every child deserves a healthy, supportive, joyful learning environment. Responsive classroom is a place that encourages him towards his best potential, a place that is full of constructive vibes. Thus across the country the demand of responsive classrooms has been increasing rapidly.

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