SGS International School | Effects of positive parenting on child’s personality development
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Effects of positive parenting on child’s personality development


How would you react when your kid nags for an ice-cream or some unimportant element like a bay-blade, reads more comic-books than preset syllabus, recalls scene by scene of ‘Chota Bheem’ but fumbles on formulas of math? Do you ignore? Do you abuse? Do you calmly handle the situation without a fuss or you go after the child’s life? Watch your every step towards your budding kid. A child resembles that unadulterated seed which you once plant with all your pure intentions, but after that if you overlook the correct nurture portion of it then it won’t serve the desired outcome that you had in your dreams. A petite ignorance might sermon complete disaster.

Childhood is the fluffiest time of human life. A child is full of liveliness, bundle of joy. A happy child dreams around the space. Sensible parenting is not about pampering or indulging a child. It’s about the guidance as parent you can offer a child the best. Suppose your child lies to you, as a rational parent do you have at least 10-20 minutes out of our busy schedule to give the child a wise session? Assume, you have; what if the child repeats the same deed again? Will you scold him or give him one tight slap? But before all your actions, have you ever thought why your last sitting failed as a lesson? Are you sure abusing and punishing have the much craving development that you want to see in your child? During his raw age a child adapts exactly the same what sees all day around at his home. It’s the environment of home that has the most scribbling effect on child psychology. A disturbed child might attempt grave crimes.

To welcome a new stuff we always reject old used, does the same sentiment you keep for the older members of your family? Grand Parents are the best tutorial that a child can have. They are not only the mines of fairytales; they can be the moral teacher of your kid. Always have patience to watch your child’s interest and disinterest; if it’s satisfying don’t stop yourself to applaud, if it’s somehow disappointing educate your child about the negation. A well-educated child is not always a well-behaved child. Only a positive parenting can make your child a better person for his upcoming sunny days.

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